The Noisography HPX Band guide: DAY #1

So here we are, a week before our favorite time of year - Halifax Pop Explosion.

Do you know which shows you'll be heading out to see?
Are you a big planner? Or do you just go where the music leads you?

Either way we wanted to help make things super easy for you to decide, by putting together this handy dandy - by the day - HPX Band Guide.

We'll be posting a video/music link by each artist, playing at each venue, a week before, each day of the fest.
So, turn up you speakers and get in the mood for our HPX 2012 preview!

Here we go - Day 1:
*please give the page time to load*

Tuesday October 16th 2012

PINEO - Gus' Pub


Catholic Gaydar - Gus' Pub

Catholic Gaydar - 500 up by catholicgaydar

Jaguar Knight - Gus' Pub

April Wine - "Tonight Is A Wonderful Time" (Jaguar Knight edit) by Jaguar Knight

HUMANS - Gus' Pub

Flag On The Play - Reflections Cabaret

Merv Hartlen - Reflections Cabaret
No Media Available

Cheryl Hann - Reflections Cabaret

Eugene Mirman - Reflections Cabaret

Astral Gunk - Reflections Cabaret

Crosss - Reflections Cabaret

Long Weekends - Reflections Cabaret

King Tuff - Reflections Cabaret

Gianna Lauren - The Carleton

Al Tuck - The Carleton

DJ James Reid - The Seahorse Tavern

Pumped Up Beachballs (Jenocide vs. Foster the People) by JamesDReid

Miesha & The Spanks - The Seahorse Tavern

Glory Glory - The Seahorse Tavern

Camp Radio - The Seahorse Tavern

The Dudes - The Seahorse Tavern

Purchase your HPX wristbands via Ticket Pro
Phone: 1-888-311-9090 or pick them up in person at any Ticketpro outlet.

They will also be available at HPX HQ which will be set up at the Atlantica Hotel, during the festival.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for Day 2!!


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