NEWS: Condon MacLeod and Greg Clark the recipients of Halifax Pop Explosion's first Scene Builder Award

Today Halifax Pop Explosion announced that Condon MacLeod and Greg Clark are the first recipients of the Scene Builder Award, an annual honor bestowed upon individuals who have dedicated themselves to developing the Halifax music scene over the years. The idea for the award was born through discussions on how to honor those unsung heroes in the Halifax scene who were firmly committed to supporting local independent music in a meaningful way.
“We all have someone to thank for helping us along the way," says Halifax Pop Explosion's executive director Jonny Stevens. "From the person who gave you your first gig to the scene stalwart who helped you with advice when you needed it, this award is a great way to show thanks.” 
Greg Clark is a legendary Halifax promoter. He has been involved in numerous bars and music venues as both an owner and a talent booker over the years. He was also one of the founders of the Halifax Pop Explosion. Greg was involved in numerous venues that were integral to the Halifax music scene such as The Marquee Club, Moe's Tavern, Birdland Cabaret, Pub Flamingo, Backstreet Amusements, and most recently Stage Nine. A quick google search of his name turns up hundreds of results—interviews and books referencing and praising his diligent efforts to promote this city and its bands over the last 20 years. Greg was always willing to give young local bands a chance on a big stage supporting the major touring artists he brought to the city. Greg's name and hard work are still held in high regard throughout the Halifax music scene.
On the all-ages front, Condon MacLeod founded and ran Café Ole in the early '90s and provided a launching pad for many of Halifax’s most famous bands. Café Ole was a safe haven on Barrington Street where kids could go to see four bands for $4 and be influenced to start their own groups, businesses, music publications, radio shows or just enjoy music. It would be difficult to find someone in a band in Nova Scotia who hadn’t been positively affected by Condon's work with Café Ole. Café Ole was the longest running all ages venue in North America and when it abruptly closed its doors due to issues with noise complaints it left the all ages scene in turmoil. A short while later Condon continued the legacy of Café Ole and opened a new all ages venue, the Pavilion. The Pavilion, which still exists to this day, is providing a stage for the next generation of Halifax bands.
The Scene Builder Awards will be presented to Greg and Condon at the Halifax Pop Explosion opening party at the Seahorse Tavern on Tuesday, October 16th at 6pm.
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