INTERVIEW: Dub Kartel LIVE @ Michael's

As part of a fresh monthly series of multi-faceted-musical-integration, Dub Kartel rocked the stage at the first LIVE Halifax at Michael's Bar and Grill on September 27th 2102.

Sarina had a chat with the seven-piece group, where they talked about upcoming recording plans and more!

"We're an extremely live band, and a lot of our focus goes into our live show..."

See Dub Kartel next on October 5th at Gus' Pub!
Check them out!

Filmed and Edited by Ian Kean
Interview by Sarina Wilson
- - -
In partnership with In Unison Productions



Anonymous said...

That was an interview? Did you have 20 minutes of people thinking they were funnier than they are and that was the best you could salvage?

Anonymous said...

Dub Kartel for Prez