From the Desk of Naugs: #003 - All your Halifax Pop Explosion Needs! Where to go, who to follow...

So here we are, the day before the amazing Halifax Pop Explosion!

During the week, Dan and I will be working with the HPX staff to bring you the best coverage possible. We will both be tweeting photos, info, and all sorts of updates during our travels from the Halifax Pop Explosion twitter account, so if you want to be in the know by the minute, makes sure to follow @HalifaxPopX.
  • The HPX team will also be tweeting from their personal accounts so make sure you're following these guys too:

Jonny Stevens - @jonnystevens

Kris McCann - @AJCrowley

Waye Mason@WayeMason 

Josh White - @hpxjosh
Ashley Moran - @smashleymoran 

Jeremy Macneil - @jeemyy

Josh Hogan - @red_tentacle

Trevor Murphy - @HfxIsBurning

Ashley Leblanc - @ashlynnleb

Darren Johnson@darrenjohnson9

  • HPX has also provided a handy info sheet containing all the info that you'll need to make your HPX run smoothly.  
Ticket info, mobile app downloads, merch, special events ect.
Check it out here:

  • Don't forget to keep an eye on the Halifax pop Explosion facebook page too!
They'll be telling you all kinds of handy info as well as posting photos and videos on a daily basis!

  • What to check out all the artists performing at HPX 2012?
Take a look through our 5 day HPX Band Guide:

Day #1:

Day #2:

Day #3:

Day #4:

Day #5:

On top of all this Noisography will be out and about, doing our thing!
Photos, videos, interviews, reviews - the whole 9.
So stay tuned for daily recaps of the festivals happenings from Dan, Isaac, Heather, Ian and myself!

See you out there! 


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