REVIEWED: We're Doomed - 'How To Destroy Something Beautiful'

'How To Destroy Something Beautiful' is the newest proper EP from Halifax's surging prog-hardcore band We're Doomed (they look to have dropped the !, from the album cover and press release). Six epic tracks encompass the full range of the band's sounds, from classic rock scrambled to the heaviest of 90's breakdowns and guitar chugs, to the searing guitar solos of 70's prog rock.

The title track showcases the mad guitar skills with head spinning riffs and screeching harmonics, sprinkled liberally between palm muted chords before breaking down into soft interludes. It's a roller coaster track dynamically and harmonically. While the bass and drums don't miss their chances to add skillful flavor to the tracks, the guitars and vocals take front and centre position, sometimes burying the bass tracks and taking a bit of meat out of the toms and kick drum.

The most frequently noted critique of this album might be the vocals; while they aren't bad in any sense, the aren't in the same style a lot of listeners might attach to this type of music. Heavily mixed on top of the music, they definitely take the music into the more accessible category, which is not necessarily a bad thing – Producer Jon Epworth may be adding his influence here. There are some heavier vocals featured, like the verse of “On Living Forever,” and it definitely adds to song. 

Thematically the band plays on a lot of oft heard musical motifs, like suicide, longing, loss, isolation, and the band does a good job of mating the lyrical themes with the intensity of the riffs for the most part. You might hear the word 'mature' thrown around a lot in relation to this band, who are all still in their 20's, and it's not unwarranted; with exposure on the Warp Tour and plenty of notice by local media and industry there's no doubt that the band exhibits talent beyond their years. This album reinforces that and is easily placed among the ranks of their most influential peers like the Mars Volta or The Fall of Troy. 

The album releases proper on October 2nd, 2012 and you'll be able to snag a digital copy only (no bulky records or leaving the comfort of your living room) from the bands website or their bandcamp: Highly recommended for all music fans, and they'll be playing all through the Maritimes through November, topping off with a showcase at Nova Scotia Music Week.

- Dan Nightingale 

 1. Lifeless
 2. White and Blue
 3. How to Destroy Something Beautiful
 4. On Living Forever
 5. Into Madness
 6. A Price To Pay


- Produced by Jon Epworth
- Engineered by Nick Jones
- Mixing by Matt Bayles at Red Room Studios* / *'Interlude' mixed by Andrew Wiseman
- Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
- Recorded at home

September 14th - Fredericton, NB @ The Capital - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
September 28th - Saint John, NB @ Gothic Arches w/ December Fall Out
September 29th - Halifax, NS @ The Pavilion All Ages EP Release Show
September 29th - Halifax, NS @ Michael's Bar and Grill 19+ EP Release Show
October 14th – Halifax, NS @ Live 105 HPX Preview Private Showcase
October 17th - Halifax, NS @ The Seahorse Halifax Pop Explosion Showcase
October 26th - Moncton, NB @ The Manhattan w/ Jessie Brown
October 27th - Charlottetown, PEI @ Baba's Lounge w/ Death Valley Driver, Iron Giant
November 8th - Liverpool, NS @ Alley 9 - Nova Scotia Music Week Showcase |


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