If you want quality heartache, pull up beside a copy of Sherry Ryan’s Sister of Mine. This young singer-songwriter’s been quietly releasing heart-stealing originals across her debut & sophomore outings – Sister of Mine providing a third reason why you’d want her as a sister of yours. Indeed, there will be no sibling rivalry as Moncton kin celebrate Ryan’s new offering at The Company House Sept 29th !

Drifting between country, blues and folk, Ryan sings from the distinct context of her distinctive Newfoundland roots – marrying genres together as the spirit moves her, adding a somewhat dark, introspective depth to each original composition as if guided by the power of a brooding sea.

Her one-of-a-kind voice blends a heavy heart and deep remorse with a side of regret, merging the sounds of a beefed-up Margo Timmins to a less poppy Anne Murray. More country than anything else, Ryan sings atop a rich backdrop including a barrage of rootsy mandolins and accordions, the lonesome cry of lap steel, the aged burble of a Lowrey tube organ − or nothing more than a piano.

The stark, haunting, “The Narrows”, with horns, piano and mellotron, is a ballad not soon forgotten, right down to the lonely, fogbound ringing of a ship’s bell. To realize it’s a personal reflection on marriage makes it all the more penetrating.

A surprisingly upbeat, Gillian Welch-inspired “Blue Ridge Mountains” is matched by the lively sounds of the bewitching title track, with its button accordion and tasteful weave of electric and acoustic guitar – a tribute to a feisty 90 year-old she encountered while working in a Mississippi nursing home.

Tracks like the klezmer-esque “Burn My Journal” − complete with SFX of Redbird Strike-Anywhere matches − to the all-out blues assault of the harp-soaked “Back Step Blues”, where even the farm animals seem to be working against you, round out the mood swings. This diverse collection of eleven tracks is stitched together like an age-old quilt, built by love and a strong sense of community.

At the very core is Ryan’s rich vocal style and her uncanny ability to craft strikingly memorable songs. The accompaniment is polished without being slick while the songs allow this Middle Cove native to paint a timeless picture of her Newfoundland home, her voice conjuring images of grey, weathered rocks and the soft glow of candlelight casting shadows across antique lace. She’s not one you’ll forget.

'Sister Of Mine' CD Release Show

SAT Sept 29, 8:00PM

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Press release provided by Sherry Ryan


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