NEWS: Kyp Harness releases The Wrong Way & Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial? on October 16

In an age of MP3s and iPods, Kyp Harness has decided to make his stand with the release not of a double album, but of two simultaneously released albums. The Wrong Way and Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial? come out on Tuesday, October 16.

Kyp Harness - Autumn Leaves by Pigeon Row

“I was reading a piece written by ex-Wall Street guy, commenting on what’s going on these days,” Harness relates. “He predicted there would eventually be blood in the streets, and said we were on our way either to neo-feudalism or a renaissance. Here’s my little nudge in favour of the renaissance, hopefully.”

The Wrong Way is electric pop ballads. Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial? is dark acoustic story ballads.

“They all came out of me in the last year or so,” Harness says. “I don’t understand it, but I didn’t see any reason to hide it.”
Both albums are produced, musically arranged and played on by multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Paul Linklater (Bidiniband, The Pinecones).
The albums follow on the heels of 2011’s Resurrection Gold of which CBC’s Bob Mesereau said “He’s a stone genius – a Toronto version of a Lucinda Williams or a Nick Cave” and The Globe and Mail said “He packs more fine lines into five minutes than Shakespeare and Ron Sexsmith combined.” 

Kyp Harness - The Wrong Way
 01. Autumn Leaves
 02. Wrong Way
 03. Start Anew 
 04. Baby Gets the Blues
 05. True Blue 
 06. Prophet 
 07. Right Where You Are 
 08. Lucky For You 
 09. Shadows of the Falling Twilight 
 10. Lovely Xmas
 11. Girl From a Small Town
 12. There is a Place 
 13. Always Here

Kyp Harness - Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial? 
 01. Wonderful To See
 02. The Old Crone
 03. No Other Bird
 04. The Old Man of the Mountain
 05. Prince of Dreams
 06. The Assassin
 07. The King and the Pauper
 08. Back to Life
 09. The Snake
 10. The Criminal
 11. The Jester
 12. Every Day Has Troubles of It's Own

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