NEWS: Erin Costelo debuts "Oh Me Oh My" from the highly anticipated We Can Get Over

Erin Costelo overthrows genre on her latest album, We Can Get Over,and her unmistakable vocals take centre stage. Inspired by her love of old soul, 60s vocal groups and classic arranging, Costelo takes listeners on a journey of heart, soul, and transcendence. The album is set for release on Tuesday, October 09.

Erin Costelo - Oh Me Oh My by Pigeon Row

We Can Get Over features an all-star cast of musicians, including: Clive MacNutt on guitar and bass, Lukas Pearse on bass, drummers Benn Ross and Dave Marsh, Anne Simons of The Blue Engine String Quartet and the NSCC Choir. It explores sweeping string arrangements and lush vocal harmonies by Selah Koile, Samm Reid, and Kirsten Donawa with true 60s authenticity. In contrast to the moody depths of her last record, Fire and Fuss (2009), We Can Get Over is a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and genres.

Erin Costelo - We Can Get Over
 01. Oh Me Oh My
 02. Count to 10
 03. Give a Little
 04. Too Young to be Fooled 
 05. Everybody Wants to be in Love 
 06. Let it Go 
 07. I Don't Know Anything 
 08. Hold Me 
 09. Down Down 
 10. We Can Get Over


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