NEWS: Dance Movie releases Interlopers on October 02nd 2012

Dance Movie releases their debut album, Interlopers, on Tuesday, October 02. The band is led by Tara Thorne from the salt-encrusted streets of Halifax, where the band has made three EPs: It’s in the And (2010, produced by Amelia Curran); Bask (2010, produced by Daniel Ledwell); and the free, digital concept record Ladycops (2011). Dance Movie has opened for Bahamas, Hannah Georgas, Forest City Lovers, Born Ruffians, and Shotgun Jimmie.

Dance Movie - Things Change My Dear by Pigeon Row

Produced in three parts by Amelia Curran (the folk diarist), Matt Charlton (the experimenter), and Jenn Grant (the pop maven), Interlopers is for sad sacks and hopeful dreamers, dancers and sleepers, lovers and haters—their rights, but mostly their wrongs.

Dance Movie - Interlopers

 01. A Quick Drink And A Slow Dance
 02. Parks And Resignation
 03. Yeah You Are
 04. Big Talker
 05. A Million More Years
 06. Blow Out The Candles Before You Leave
 07. Blood Ablaze
 08. Snow Heart
 09. Things Change, My Dear 
 10. ANAF
 11. Threw It Away For Karen O

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Press release provided by Pigeon Row


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