MUSIC FROM ACROSS THE POND: Finn LeMarinel Announces New Album 'Violence'

Fledgling musician Finn LeMarinel is releasing his incredible debut album ‘Violence’ with through the impeccable Ubisano Records, run by RM Hubbert & John Williamson.

Glasgow based artist Finn LeMarinel has been carving a unique style of songwriting over several years. His band, Trapped in Kansas have released a catalogue of material on numerous formats that has been praised by a whole host of musicians, press and more importantly fans. Having played festivals such as T in the Park, Rockness and having extensively toured the UK; LeMarinel is no stranger to wider music circles.

Places Known by ubisano

LeMarinel’s first solo album ‘Violence’ showcases his own distinguishable take on songwriting. His inventive acoustic guitar technique, exquisite falsetto vocals and percussive tapping combined with dark lyrics create the most wonderful and craved escapism. Sometimes, age is just a number and talent has to be accepted.

The full Tracklisting for 'Violence' is:

Roll the Grime
Close Enough to Part
Known Voices
Places Known
The Mayor
Only Child
Is This All They Are

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