From the Desk of Naugs #001 - Welcome to the new layout.

I would like to take this time welcome you to the new Noisography space.
It's clean and easy to read - much less cluttered than the previous version. The menus are clear and more info will be added in the next little bit.
I hope you enjoy it.

I figured before I signed off for the night/morning, that I would let you know what we have all been up to.

Since the end of festival season things have been a bustle here at Noisography.
Dan and I have taken on volunteer positions with the Halifax Pop Explosion, working with their social media - which has been keeping me on my toes! 

We've covered a bunch more shows, including Jonestown, the Diminished Fifth Records 6 yr Anniversary Show as well as the We're Doomed EP release show. Can't wait to get all the footage up for you to see!

I think the most surprising that which has happened recently, has been a nomination for Media Professional of the Year for NSMW. Definitely did not see that one coming and I am very honored to be in the same category with the likes of Stephen Cooke, Trevor Murphy & Stephanie Johns!

We have been working hard trying to get all the emails and facebook messages, that you guys have sent us, as well as get all the photos and videos up for you to enjoy. 
Please excuse the general lag which has been happening here as of late, as there have been quite a few set backs along the way.
Rest assured, that everything will be posted as quickly as possible. So check back often and keep your eyes peeled to our twitter and facebook pages!

See you out there!

- T


Tiffany Naugler                                                                            
Owner/Editor                                                                   !/tiffanynaugler


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