Festival Overview: Messtival

Messtival 2012 Fun - 13

August 10-11, 2012
Anagance, New Brunswick

Words/Video: Dan Nightingale
Photos/Video: Tiffany Naugler

Messtival, the yearly, rural New Brunswick, mustache powered music festival returned this year with it's 2 night debut. Last year was fun, but jam packing that much entertainment into one day (and night) turned out to be pretty exhausting. This year the fun was spread out over a whole weekend. Despite our mad dash out of the city Friday afternoon, we couldn't get there fast enough to catch Morse Code Alphabet.

Messtival 2012 Fun - 11 Messtival 2012 Fun - 10

Fortunately, after setting up our tent on a shady trail, there were still plenty of acts to catch, like the Squirts and Kuato. Speakerscam and the Caravan kept the bass whubbing well into the night. A super psychedelic light show, projector onto, above, and around the stage kept the eyes entertained all through the night. 

Les Hotesses d’Hilaire - Messtival 2012 - 02 Les Hotesses d’Hilaire - Messtival 2012 - 01
Kuato - Messtival 2012 - 03 Kuato - Messtival 2012 - 02

Waking up Saturday morning in the shade is an experience that Messtival has nailed over any other this summer. After waking at a decent hour, it's cheeseburgers for breakfast, and straight into the afternoon jams with Snailhouse and Hush Money (returning from last year as Garbageface, now a two piece and as politically charged as ever). There's a metric butt tonne of videos of all these amazing bands so don't forget to check the youtube page. The afternoon creeps on with Jonah Haché, Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of One and John Jerome & The Congregation backing a whole host of talented folks.

Hush Money - Messtival 2012 - 01
Hush Money - Messtival 2012 - 03 Snailhouse - Messtival 2012 - 0

The rain during Rain Over St. Ambrose does little to dampen spirits, and Coyote ushers in the evening with lush indie pop songs in the vein of Hey Rosetta. Force Fields, played their umpteen millionth set of the summer, once again crush skulls with skills (and potentially poke out eyes with free CDs). To make things even more dramatic, someone starts twirling fire around, and we mean twirling, really fast, and lots of it. 

Rain Over St. Ambrose - Messtival 2012 - 03
Messtival 2012 Fun - 05Messtival 2012 Fun - 06

In between all of this, of course, is lazer tag, live art, duck race winners (they all lost), costume contest winners (they all won, in their own special way), video games and beta max movies, and late night swims with a mermaid. Grand Theft Bus pushes the tunes into the morning hours, riding a fantastic set of super tight jams that probably exemplified the whole weekend. Wet Grow Light and Gravity Strike keep the crowd alive long into the wee hours, and Gordon Gets Lost provide the perfect backdrop of music to wander back to the tent and get lost in the woods to, with trees that seem to pulse with music and light out here in the middle of no where. 

Messtival - Stage Lights & Projections
Force Feilds - Messtival 2012 - 06 Force Feilds - Messtival 2012 - 04
Force Feilds - Messtival 2012 - 02 Chris Colepaugh & The Crew - Messtival 2012 - 01

Make sure to check out all out videos from just about all the Messtival artists!
You can check them out in the playlist below of check out the YouTube page here:


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