NEWS: The Wilderness Of Manitoba Announces Tour Dates, Offers Up Instant Download Of “Delaware House” EP With “Island of Echoes” Pre-Order

Previously only available in the UK and The Netherlands, the Toronto five piece are offering up the six song “Delaware House” EP as an instant download with pre-orders of their upcoming third album “Island Of Echoes” out September 18 on Pheromone Recordings in Canada. The band hits the Canadian road in support of their new album commencing October 12.  Current tour dates are listed below.

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The Wilderness of Manitoba recently returned from touring the UK for the fourth time in the last eighteen months where they performed in front of thousands of people at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD festival and sold out shows in Cambridge and London. They made their live debut in the Netherlands, appearing at the legendary Paradiso Club in Amsterdam where Pink Floyd played in the late sixties and appeared at festivals in Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Coinciding with the live dates, a special EP, “Delaware House”, named after the house in Toronto where they record and where one of the band members still lives, was released for the band's UK and Dutch fans. The Line of Best Fit described it as sounding "rather like Jefferson Airplane playing an orchestral version of 4 Way Street; a mix of beautiful vocal harmonies, pensive guitar, and stunningly produced string swells". Folk Radio UK wrote that the EP "foreshadows the new album, 'Island of Echoes', with its lush vocal arrangements and use of electric guitars". The video for the song “Forest City Love” from “Delaware House” was featured on the front page of the New Music Express website and the EP proper was featured on the front page of MySpace UK. 

Thematically, a lot of the new Wilderness of Manitoba album, Island of Echoes, is about the past year or so and all of the songs come from that timeframe. There wasn’t a lot of downtime for the Toronto-based band as most of 2011 was spent on tour, primarily in the United States and England. Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Will Whitwham reflects, “For me personally, a lot of my songwriting was done on the road because it had to be. So, whenever I was home, I'd have a week or two to record demos and then be back at the drawing board again in a van or hotel room.” The constant touring, the ever-changing geography, playing larger venues and working the new songs into the live sets, all had a profound influence on both the band and the new album. Whitwham and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Stefan Banjevic started playing electric guitars; the sound became more expansive to fill the halls they were playing. “This also carried over into writing the new songs as we had fuller band arrangements in mind”, adds Whitwham. 

From its inception, the Wilderness of Manitoba has been known for its three and four part harmonies. Along with Whitwham, Banjevic and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Scott Bouwmeester, and new member Amanda Balsys ensure the continuity of that signature vocal blend and contributes to the instrumental mix with her effects laden violin. Rounding out the band is drummer/percussionist Sean Lancaric who brings his sense of rhythm and personality to the intricate arrangements. 

Expanding on the changes reflected in the new album, Whitwham explains, “We don't want any of the albums to be similar, but, at the same time, we aim to create a mood or cohesiveness in everything we do. It felt as though we'd already made folk records and it was time to experiment with what that means. There are elements of folk happening throughout the album, but it is in no way a folk record although it is definitely a Wilderness of Manitoba record. The seventies was a reference point that happens to include some of our favourite influences such as Fleetwood Mac. We were looking to bring in the kind of instrumentation you hear from that era that is heavy with electric guitars, Hammond organ, synthesizers and a prominent backbeat with lots of harmonies happening vocal-wise on top.” In addition to the male vocals of Whitwham, Bouwmeester and Banjevic, the presence of Balsys along with Elise Legrow of Whale Tooth and Felicity Williams brought the high end/female vocals to another level and contributed to the more dynamic music direction being pursued by the band on Island of Echoes.

The Wilderness Of Manitoba Tour Dates
October 05 – Sarnia, ON - Paddy Flaherty's
October 06 – Bayfield, ON - Black Dog Bistro
October 12 – Guelph, ON - University of Guelph (12 PM)
October 18 – London, ON - APK
October 19 – Ottawa, ON - Maverick’s  
October 20 – Kingston, ON - The Mansion
October 25 – Kemptville, ON - The Branch
October 26 – Toronto, ON - Trinity-St. Paul’s
October 28 – Hamilton, ON - The Casbah
November 01 – Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo
November 04 – Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre

*** More Tours Dates To Be Announced Soon ***

The Wilderness Of Manitoba:

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