NEWS: In Unison Productions Presents: July 5th At The Company House

In Unison Productions Presents: An Evening of Music at the Company House
Willie Stratton, Billie Dre and the Poor Boys, Matthew Hornell, and Dana Beeler! 

What a line up of amazing musicians happening at the Company House on July 5th. Special acoustic performances by Dana Beeler and Matthew Hornell with full band performances by Bille Dre and the Poor Boys and Willie Stratton!

Cover is $10 and the show starts at 8:30PM

Willie Stratton

Willie Stratton is not only a nice boy from Bedford. Willie Stratton is a howling, seething cyclone of god-fearing folk music. Comprised of the band’s founder, chief writer and namesake Willie Stratton, his half-wolf little sister Grace and local sweetheart Kristen Wells, The Willie Stratton Band has been stomping their feet, gnashing their teeth and belting their lungs out since they were formed in the winter of last year. Lashing together three part harmonies, thundering war drums, and a whole lot of soul, Willie Stratton is slightly less likely to make you feel okay than they are to kill your boredom absolutely stone cold dead.

Billie Dre and the Poor Boys

Billie Dre & The Poor Boys is an eclectic collaboration of rock & roll and old school ideals paired with haunting, nautical themes. What began as Billie Dre's lyrics and song skeletons was later realized with the help of Dylan Ryan, Corey Henderson and a rotating cast of Poor Boys. These boys bring a refreshing, charismatic presence to the stage while still delivering what seems like their deepest, darkest secrets.

Matt Hornell

Matthew Hornell is a singer and a songwriter from Newfoundland and Labrador. After bursting onto the St. John's music scene with live shows that showcased his unflagging energy, Hornell's award-winning debut album, released in 2010, firmly established him as a vital new voice in the songwriting community of Atlantic Canada.

Dana Beeler

In September of 2011, Dana Beeler released her debut EP, 'The Other Side of Love', marking her transition from bluegrass band-mate to singer-songwriter. Since a very young age she has been singing with her award-winning family Bluegrass band, Grassworks, at festivals around the Maritimes. She has been performing in Halifax as a solo artist since January 2010 and has played intimate venues such as The Company House, The Seahorse, and The Carleton. Her self recorded and produced EP tells tales of love, loss, and lust. 'The Other Side of Love' has been reviewed nationally by Exclaim! Magazine and has caught the attention of local Nova Scotia media. "Her one-woman storytelling style is reminiscent of Amelia Curran...[Beeler] has the skills to write beautiful, bluesy tunes." -Exclaim!


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