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Evolve 2010 CAMP DIRT

So here we are - the day before the Evolve Festival.

The feeling of excitement is in the air, as music, party and dance lovers, pack their bags and get ready to head off to that magical hill in Antigonish.

Being an 8 year Evolve veteran, I feel as though it is now my duty to pass along some very valuable information regarding your stay on the festival grounds. I have been described as the "Mother" of Camp Dirt (Noisography's yearly Evolve home), and have a tendency to plan for everything.

So here is a list of 10 things to take into consideration while packing & heading up to your weekend of musical and bliss...

This list is in no particular order.
Depending on who you are, will make some of these things much more important than others.

#1: Drink LOTS of water & wear lots of screen. 

Let's be honest, you'll probably be drinking lots of liquids while at the festival but, I cannot stress enough how important balancing all that out with water is. It is extremely easy to become dehydrated while sitting out in the sun for hours listening to your favorite tunes and well - that case of beer you drank while you did it isn't helping you out any either.
Doesn't seem like a big deal?
Well, it is. When the headliners of the night hit the stage and your sitting back at your tent with a pounding headache and an upset stomach - its probably not from the beer, its your body telling you that you should have drank more water.
If you burn easily - a paper parasol/umbrella for shade is always nice and well, I'm always a sucker for a good hat!
Just be prepared for heat - its always hot. I have never been to an Evolve where it wasn't hot.
*wow - I hate the heat*

#2: Bring Socks.

If you are not used to constantly living in your bare feet,  do yourself the favor and pack yourself some socks. Your feet will get cold - and wet.
When the sun goes down, the fog rolls in and the grass gets wet.
Cold feet = cold body.

#3: There is a vending area.

I bring this up, only because it seems to be something that most people overlook.
You carry millions of heavy bags of food and beverages, stoves and dishware up that huge hill - only to realize that you won't even use it all.

People think they are saving money by bringing all their own stuff but lets think about that, shall we?
How much money did you spend at the grocery store? Then you had to pack it all (taking up all kinds of room in your car), then lug all of it up the hill (which is pain!), only to have most of it go bad in the sun, drown in the melted ice in the cooler, or just forgotten about. Then you have to carry it all back down again at the end of the weekend!

The prices in the Village are not outlandish, and its all pretty tastey! *Evolve cheese burgers!*
So if you budget for a couple of meals a day (and always budget in coffee money - ALWAYS!) you may not save a crap ton of money, but you will save yourself A LOT of hassel. 

If you're going to bring food stuffs with you, stick to snacks - granola bars, fruits, veggies, some nuts & chips if you will. Nothing big. You'll thank yourself.

#4: Costumes and fun attire is always a good idea.

Seriously, this is a weekend of crazy fun! Just go with it!
Wear some oversized sunglasses, a silly wig, go nuts with glow sticks! Some people body paint, some people wearcapes! CAPES! *I should make a cape*

#5: You're probably not going to see all the artists you want to see.

This is a drag, but its just one of those things.
Don't stress over it.

Now, I've made things a bit easier for you here, if you are a bit of a stickler for not missing too much of anything. I have put together printable schedules for your downloading convenience!

Friday Schedule - Download 
Saturday Schedule - Download 
 Sunday Schedule - Download 

CAMPT DIRT Evolve Schedules - take 1 TIP: I recommend printing these off in a small size. Then cover them in clear packing tape, punch a hole in the top. Simply wear them around your neck on a laynard or hang them off a keychain on your jeans. Convenient - I think so!

(Photo of last years schedules)

#6: Ear Plugs

Do you like sleep?
Well.... good luck with that.
No matter where you camp, you will always be subjected to the sound of thudding bass.
This happens to be an enjoyable thing for someone like myself, who can rock herself to sleep with the beat, if need be - but if that's not your thing, do yourself a favor and bring yourself some ear plugs to help you doze off.
Eye masks are also helpful if you wish to nap during the day!

#7: Don't over do it the first day!

This is a rookie mistake - that is ALWAYS regretted.

I know, you wanna get out there and get down with your crazy self - but slow it down bud!
You have 3 whole days to get your sillies out, no need to bust though your liquor in one go, stay up all night and generally just loose your shit, all on the first night. You'll be over tired, hung over, sick and gross feeling for the rest of the weekend.

So just chill out... and see suggestion #1.

#8: Baby wipes, Hand sanitizer & toilet paper will save your life.

Yea. If you want to feel as fresh as a daisy, even after not properly showering for 3 days - you need these things. Take a baby wipe bath in the tent every morning, never end up in a row of port -o -johns with no TP, then sanitize those hands as soon as you get out.

Its the little things in life really.

#9: Make friends!

This is one of Evolve's purposes.
I have meet some of my good friends at Evolve.
So, when someone wanders by your tent and says hello, say hello!
When the Evolve "WOOOoo" spreads about the field - join in!
and never be afraid to wish someone, a happy Evolve.

#10: Have fun & be safe.

Remember the core rules - No Glass. No Pets. No bad vibes and well - No being a dick.
Have fun!
Dance your legs off!
Sing your heart out!
Then make sure to tell everyone you know, who didn't go with you, how amazing it all was!

I'm sure I left out some things, but honestly, I am too excited to try to think of them right now.

Dan & I will be around handing out free Noisography pins, so come hit us up for one if you see us!

1 more day to go...


- T


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