Video Debut for Noise Rock Duo

Orlando noise rock duo Yogurt Smoothness show just how intense a two-piece band can be in their new video for the song “Time Waster.” It is the first single off of their latest album, “Live Forever”, as well as the first official music video from the band. The video, independently edited and directed by Matthew D. Bartlett, was shot in two different locales and captures the frantic energy of their live shows that they are known for, as well as the heavy, sludgy attitude of their music.

Yogurt Smoothness tapped into some early grunge, and cranked up the volume for their second release “Live Forever”, a 6 song EP that brings in some raw and unpolished styling reminiscent of albums like Nirvana’s “Bleach” and The Jesus Lizard’s “Goat.” The distorted vocals coupled with intense, angry guitar tones easily gives this record a place in the catalog of early grunge. Compared to bands like Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, White Stripes, Yogurt Smoothness are able to pull off their own certain sound. Bandmates Dan and Brian meticulously developed each song on “Live Forever” in their home studio with a focus on a few key ingredients: loud gritty guitars, overdriven vocals, unconventional arrangements, and squealing feedback. The crowd favorite “Time Waster” was the obvious candidate for video.

The launch of a video is a great achievement, but the band stills shows no signs of letting up on their busy schedule. Currently, at their studio they are recording local Orlando artists such as Juan Pablo and Disasteroids. They play shows and write music in multiple side projects. They are the creators and coordinators of Two Piece Mini Fest, an innovative series of concerts that take place two times a year, on two stages, with only two-member bands. Amidst all these projects, they are planning a summer tour from Florida to Boston as a follow-up to their wildly successful “Tour Forever” 2011 tour.


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