NEWS: Indie Folk/Rock Artist Galen Hartley Offering Full Free Album (for a limited time)

Montreal-via-Victoria indie folk minstrel and violin-maker Galen Hartley recently decided to put his entire new album, Good Dreams, up for free download on Bandcamp, here:

André Péloquin from said it best: 
"Contrary to what its title might suggest, Good Dreams features anything but meditative, starry-eyed ditties. Musically, Hartley’s solo project is akin to Conor Oberst (especially on Prince and Vice President) or Sufjan Stevens’ repertoire (Have Mercy on the Old Gang comes to mind), but his lyrics, half earnest poetry and half tongue-in-cheek witticisms, really stand out, adding value to an already satisfying work of art."

"Any savvy business person knows the true secret to success is just giving away the product for free", comments Hartley. "That, combined with prayers and curses, is essentially enough to take anyone up the ladder to the stars. That's just how capitalism works.... But really it just makes me happier to think that people are listening to my music, and since I'm not currently touring right now, I thought this would be the best way to make that happen."


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