NEWS: Hey Mother Death releases debut EP April 8th


Hey Mother Death is a spontaneous project by partners Denma Peisinger and Laurence Strelka. Using a mix of both French and English spoken word, avant-guitar exploration, minimalist organ, and even dub reggae, the duo have created a dark and mesmerizing moodscape on their debut EP.
This first release is a triptych journey. Spontaneously composed and recorded, these pieces are dark, gritty, and textural. The recordings literally capture the first moments Denma and Laurence sat down with instruments together. Produced by the duo themselves in various unconventional spaces, almost every first take was used. Although Denma and Laurence had no preconceptions going into the project, their work demonstrates an intense direction and connection that is both shockingly free and wild. The result is part sound track, part performance art, and part free jazz.
Laurence Strelka lives in Paris, France where she worked in fashion and has been an autodidact artist—writing, playing music, making photography, and shooting experimental shorts. The spontaneity and freedom of her lifestyle, the Paris scene, and her relationships have been her main influences. One of the most formative and outrageous of these relationships was with the cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, The Holy Mountain), who helped launch her career as a theatre actress. Laurence is presently based between Paris and Halifax and is awaiting the release of her first feature film.

Hey Mother Death - You Left Me by Pigeon Row

Denma Peisinger grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was nurtured by the closeness of nature, the Halifax music scene and his immersion in the teachings, examples and practices of the crazy-wisdom lineage of Chogyam Trungpa.  Inspired by bluesmen and the beats, he spent two years hitchhiking across North and South America with his slide guitar. This sojourn ended with the years-long apprenticeship and continuing friendship with San Franciscan, free-jazz visionary Jerry Granelli (Ornette Coleman, Sly Stone, Rock Roll Hall of Fame, etc).
Laurence and Denma met two years ago on a train platform at night, outside of a dilapidated telephone utility building in the outskirts of Paris. They were both going to study with Philippe Gaulier, one of the last great masters of old-school theatre. Love happened. Denma spent the last two years in Paris and is currently based between Paris and Halifax.
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