NEWS: suddenlyLISTEN presents The Sum of Its Parts February 26th

The Sum of Its Parts
February 26th | 8pm
Presbyterian Church of Saint David
1544 Grafton Street at Blowers St.
Tim Crofts – piano
Norman Adams – cello
Rob Power – percussion
Paul Bendzsa – woodwinds
Rob Power and Paul Bendzsa make up Spanner, a duo that makes a practice of playing together on a regular, weekly basis. They make a point of recording each session and analyzing their work. This discipline has resulted in two fantastic CDs and many excellent performances. Tim Crofts and Norman Adams have cooperated to lead the suddenlyLISTEN Improvisation workshop each alternating Monday evening since the Fall of 2006. This constant work, and the discussion and invention that goes into presenting as long standing an institution as the Workshop, has created a unique relationship between Norm and Tim. What happens when two duos, with years of working together assemble to add their duos? We think the the result will be much greater than the sum of its parts!
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