NEWS: Seamus Erskine, The Lucy Grays, Penny Blacks and Little City @ The Company House.

Seamus Erskine, The Lucy Grays, Penny Blacks (St. John) and Little City (Toronto)

Berserker Lion Presents..
A night of intriguing, layered, well written and sometimes eccentric music.  We’ll make this quick...just know that if you don’t come, you’ll be missing out on a seriously great night of music!!
@ The Company House
March 16th, 2012

Seamus Erskine - Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead-esq, Multi-Instrumentalist. A unique style of playing and writing that you can’t keep your ears away from.

The Lucy Grays - Psychedelic Indie Rock meets Heartfelt Folk. Melodic layering with ‘boots-and-cats’ beats.

Penny Blacks - Penny Blacks' Harbour’s eleven songs are the perfect soundtrack for your autumn, whether it's one of walking isolated, leaf- strewn, dark streets alone in an ancient city, or one warmed by friends or a lover, a home - or something perfectly close enough to one.

Little City - With a reverence and fascination for recreating often-overlooked classic pop sounds and their youth’s innate inclination towards modern indie and folk-rock structures, Little City lay conspicuous and skillful claim to influences ranging from veterans Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon to contemporaries Wilco and the Arcade Fire.


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