NEWS: Pigeon Row presents a free compilation!

Pigeon Row Public Relations
has put together a free compilation featuring some of their current favorite bands in Halifax!
There has never been any shortage of musical talent coming out of Halifax, NS. Over the past few years though, a new generation of artists has emerged whose works have rivalled even the most fabled of the city's output. Delivering a steady stream of free songs, EPs, and LPs through their Bandcamp sites, the acts are diverse, artistically challenging, and remarkably accomplished. Their recordings are completed in basements, studios, and bedrooms. Their release shows take place in a bar with a quasi-functional sound system and perhaps the country's greatest doorman, Jim.
We've decided to compile our favorite songs from the wealth of material that has been released over the last year or so. Some are acts we already work with, others we're just fans of. It's not an overview of everything that is going on in Halifax right now, but just a very specific scene within it. You can grab the whole thing below. We hope you enjoy it! 

Track list:

01. Lake Names - Can't Make Up (my mind)
02. Quaker Parents - teeshirt
03. Long Weekends - Quarter Sticks
04. Nap Eyes - Your Samples Our Obsession
05. Old and Weird - Feel No Threat
06. Dream Friends - Allan's Birthday
07. Cousins - Speech
08. Cold Warps - Let's Just Fun
09. Bad Vibrations - What Now
10. Future Fields - Tree Chimes
11. Monomyth - Anytime
12. ISBN - Winter Earth
13. Quivers - Kick You in the Stomach
14. Bloodhouse - Please Don't Meet Me
15. Dog Day - In The Woods
16. Robert Loveless - Mic RA


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