NEWS: Marine Dreams releases video for "Sudden Dark Truths"

 Marine Dreams has released the video for "Sudden Dark Truths" from their acclaimed, self-titled album. The clip was directed by Colin Medley and Jared Raab who have made videos for artists such as Diamond Rings, Gentleman Reg, Forest City Lovers, Matters, and Light Fires. 

The video for "Sudden Dark Truths" was shot over one chilly evening on a particularly spooky stretch of road near Jared's hometown. It uses "3-D shift" or "camera shift," which is an effect seen in videos by a directing team from Berlin called A Nice Idea Everyday. The pseudo 3-D effect is achieved by shooting with two side-by-side cameras simultaneously and then flipping between the two in editing. A similar effect can be seen in the new Arcade Fire collaboration with Vincent Morisset. 

"I've liked Ian's music for a long time and started brainstorming with Jared about something we could shoot very quickly that would be simple but interesting," explains Colin. "The entire budget was probably $50 for gas, not including the delicious stew that Jared's mom made us that night."

As with most of Colin and Jared's collaborations, everything was either donated or borrowed.

"We enlisted the volunteered talents of Peter Dreimanis and Josh Warburton at Vulture Culture Films and even the big black truck was borrowed from the fine folks at Voyager Canoe Company in town," says Jared. "The shoot was a very good example of the philosophy that Colin and I have developed for low-budget music videos: go with a simple idea that you can get excited about. Of course, it helps when you are working with a killer track by a great artist like Marine Dreams.

Marine Dreams - Sudden Dark Truths from Jared Raab on Vimeo.


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