NEWS: Long Weekends release the Don't Reach Out 7" on Noyes Records

After a series of online releases, Halifax’s Long Weekends have committed two gloomy garage-pop songs to vinyl. Noyes Records will release Don’t Reach Out as part of their singles series this winter.

The lead single “Don’t Reach Out” and its b-side “Show Your Face” find common ground between garage rock, punk and new wave. Simple arrangements carried by warbling vocals and pop riffs allow Long Weekends to address darker subject matter without losing the beat.

Long Weekends - Dont Reach Out by Noisography

The three Halifax musicians banded together in early 2011 over a shared interest in punk and garage rock records. The release of their debut online-only EP Warmer Weather saw them become a live band, chancing them the opportunity to play Pop Montreal, SappyFest and Halifax Pop Explosion with acts such as Fucked Up and PS I Love You


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