NEWS: Berserker Lion Presents...Glory Glory, Coyote (PEI) and This Ship!!

Berserker Lion Music Collective Presents...

Glory Glory, Coyote (PEI) and This Ship
Saturday, February 25th
The Company House

Yowza’s! What a fantastic night of dancing and jiving this will be - and to some of the best Indie-Pop-Rock in the Maritimes! Your experience will be enhanced by:

Lots of Happy Go Lucky Friends
A hearty appetite for boozin’ (Red Wine and Propeller Beer are our favs)
Your schmancy pantsy camera...All the drinking and fun may lead you to forget this night that’s to be remembered!!

Don’t worry...if you don’t have a hankerin’ for the sauce, we can still guarantee a super duper time with amazing music! =)

Glory Glory
Glory Glory has shared stages with Canadians across the musical and geographical spectrum, touring and recording their space-tastic grooves relentlessly!

"You get the feeling after a few spins of Zombies!!! that this Halifax, NS-bred three-piece could write perfect, hook-driven pop songs in their sleep. The manner in which they crank out the ten classics on Zombies!!! is so pure and seamless that it's a little disconcerting." - Exclaim! Magazine

Check out their newest tracks and make your own judgement call - you won’t be dissappointed! In fact, you’ll be addicted.

Hailing from Charlottetown, Coyote pushes a live sound of progressive pop-rock that is raw yet exhibits tasteful tonality and thoughtful structure. They've played extensively over the past year, sharing stages with acts such as Rich Aucoin, Library Voices, Paper Lions, and The Junction. Stay tuned for their debut EP entitles “Tracks”, to be released in March!

This Ship
This Ship has been soaring since the five piece got together in August 2011! With a 4 song demo in their pocket, a showcase at The Flight of Fall Festival, and hot off the heels of a tour to Ontario and back (9 shows in 10 days!), this Indie Rock band is about to blow the local music scene out of the water!

Three part harmonies, intricate time changes, catchy melodies, tambourines, shakers, synth keytar, and the tightest chick drummer in town are just a few of the entertaining sounds that they bring to the show!

Rock out and dance to them now before they take off to Ontario again in March!


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