Daved & Confused - a column intro.

Daved and Confused: It’s only rock ‘n roll but I like it

I figured it would be rude to just assume that the Noisography audience would welcome me to the party without being formally introduced first, so here’s a bit of what I do, who I do it with, and what to expect me doing ‘round these here parts.
I’ve always wanted to be a writer and musician. So, I figured I’d combine ‘em and go to university for one or the other. I’m a self-taught drummer and an only-when-I’m-drunk guitar player so I chose to go after the writing scholastically while homeschooling my musical ambitions.

After moving to Halifax from PEI and graduating from Saint Mary’s with an English degree in 2008 I took a couple years off from school to concentrate on music and working. I got a severe case of the BA’s and couldn’t find work in my field of choice and had to work as a cook, server or dishwasher in the city while playing drums in Stone Mary and later, the Stogies.

Hating the nightly grind of cooking I went back to school in 2010. I graduated from King’s College with my bachelors in journalism and have been freelancing around the city since May, 2011.

I inquired with Noisography about submitting content and potentially working for their publication and was offered this sweet fucking column instead. So here we are. Welcome. Thanks for stoppin’ by. Smoke? Green tea? $5 foot-long? No? K.

I’m excited to be able to bring my light-hearted, sarcastic, often off-beat, reference-driven writing style to the Halifax music scene in a positive way, and to an audience with some taste.

If you get offended, turned off, or off put with anything you read here rest assured it’s not you, it’s me.

Drive on!

- Dave Lidstone



Faye said...

Fuck Yeah!

Alex Coulstring said...

Dude, can't wait to hear your future articles!!!

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