Album Review: Summers on Vacation EP

Summers on Vacation EP kicks off with a crisp drum roll before bouncing into aching vocals backed with slide guitars,thin acoustic guitar chords, and the aforementioned drums, which sound uncharacteristically produced for a primarily solo act. The song, rather than taking a dull course of verse/chorus melodrama, brings in synths and more splashy drums before reprising lyrics and a slow denouement. 

The second track on the album takes a more upbeat sound, with coastal sounding slide guitar and richer bass. Again vocals and lyrics are front and center, which are generally not what I listen to music for, but Summers on Vacation keeps my attention with varied instrumental breaks, and the vocals are strong and confident.

The hard copy of this album/EP also includes a third track, an acoustic rendition of the opener. Again, I'm biased here, but I preferred the full instrumentation of the first version, though it adds might technically add just enough to bump this from the “demo” to the “EP” category, all though it still clocks in at under 8 minutes.
Written by Dan Nightingale


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