Show Overview/Album Review: First To Fall Home EP Release @ the Pavilion Dec. 17th 2011

First to Fall - "Home" EP Release - 11
First to Fall released their 1st EP this past weekend, at the Pavilion, and we caught their set and a copy of the new record. Home EP showcases 6 songs (or 5 songs and a Bonus Track) of post-hardcore meets heartugging indie tunes. Live, the band pulls off their sound very well, very tight with smooth technical pieces from the guitars and the rhythm section.

On the record, the band's sound is smoother and the first track is almost Radiohead/Semisonic with a touch of (insert emo band here) flavoring the guitar tones and underlying aggression. The first interlude showcases 'epic' style guitar soloing, with light double kick drum in the background. "The Dream Song", as the title might suggest, is floatier and even lighter on the aggression, even with nicely placed double kicks throughout.
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You can see the live video for the next track, “Running Down,” below. On stage the band pulled it off just as well, with the same steady lock. The bass wasn't as articulate live (possibly due to a smaller amp up against the dual half stacks) but on the record you can hear it locking cleanly with the drums with just a hint of growling aggression on type (admittedly a hard sound to pull off live). The drums were just as loud as they seem to be on the recording, so at least the sound was accurate.

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The record ends off with Interlude 2, with more heavy guitar marching in another instrumental piece. The one element the band now lacks is the aggressive, hardcore vocals that previously featuring in unison with clean vocals and heavier parts of the songs. The specific songs on this record don't lack for it, but the live show felt a little emptier without the heavier vocals. Still, as a band, these guys are clearly seeking out new sounds, which is generally always more admirable than sticking with the same, now-tired (post-, post-) hardcore sound.

Words & Audio: Dan Nightingale
Photos & Video: Tiffany Naugler


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