Show Overview: Quivers, Jenocide & Windom Earle @ Michael's

Quivers - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 06
Friday November 18th 2011
@ Michael's

Quivers -
Jenocide -
Windom Earle -

Words/Video: Dan Nightingale
Photos: Tiffany Naugler
Opening weekend for the “new to us” venue of Michael's kicked off with Quivers. After taking the big stage at the Pop Explosion last month, the guys packed on to the small, or “cozy,” stage at Michael's and put the new PA system through it's paces. It worked out pretty nicely, pumping out Quiver's fuzzy garage rock jams, with enough vocals to be passable and enough kick drum to be dancable.

Quivers - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 04

Quivers - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 03Quivers - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 01

Thanks to the “local bands in the north end” vibe most people were comparing it to Gus', but there wasn't a lot in common – the room was miles bigger than Gus's, with arguable much better sight lines, all though without the cheap drinks which might keep some of the poorer alcoholics music fans away. Jenocide, with DJ James D Reid, put the stress test to the dance floor and wooed the crowd from atop towering subwoofers into grooving to her slow-core electro dance jams.

Jenocide - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 01
Jenocide - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 02Jenocide - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 03

Another plus, left over from karaoke, was the built in projects that first debuted Jenocide's hip new video, with plenty of fast cars and fancy yachts. Windom Earle took the stage shortly after to the classic backdrop of creepy baby animals and brought the sweaty dance party to a close, with “hot dog” chants and dueling synths.

Windom Earle - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 01
Windom Earle - Nov 18th 2011 @ Michael's - 02

It was undoubtedly a successful opening, with a great crowd, but of course the true success of any new venue is the continuation of great shows throughout the year, and with winter quickly closing in Michael's will need to keep the hottest bands booked if they want to keep filling the over sized room – it's easy to make Gus' look full with your 20 friends, but this is a much bigger space to fill. Fortunately with some great talent behind the booking it's looking like great shows will be coming up through the new year, so keep an eye out for your favorite bands to appear on this new Young st watering hole.


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