Overview: Craig Norris EVOLVE FESTIVAL Book "Three Sunrises: Evolve Twenty Eleven" Launch

Craig Norris EVOLVE FESTIVAL Book Launch - 06by Tiffany Naugler

Viewpoint Gallery
Saturday, December 3rd
7:30pm to midnight.

Just about anyone who regularly attends the  Evolve Festival experiences the same feeling every year around this time. The butterflys, the nostalgia, the dreams of a particular field, on top of a beautiful hill, filled with dancing, hula hoops, tents, laughter and enough music to fill your soul to the brim.
Awww, Evolve.

With 230 days till the 2012 Evolve Festival, Craig Norris set up shop in the View Point Gallery on Barrington St., Halifax, to launch his new photo book titled "Three Sunrises: Evolve Twenty Eleven".

The gallery was host to over 25 large prints, which simulated the look and feel of the festival when viewed from upclose. I found myself staring into the photos, seeing the faces of those I see every year, participating in Evolve shenanigans, wishing I could jump into the print and live there forever.

I personally hate, that just about every time a photographer sets out to the "cover" Evolve, most of the photos come back focused on the stage performers, so seeing this much time and effort spent on the off stage antics and fun was especially fantastic for me. Not that the bands aren't important or anything, but Evolve has always been a packaged deal for me. Not only are you there for the music, you are there for the friends and the experience as well, so seeing all of these elements being displayed during the exhibit and within the book pages really made me smile.
Craig Norris EVOLVE FESTIVAL Book Launch - 02Craig Norris EVOLVE FESTIVAL Book Launch - 03
Craig Norris EVOLVE FESTIVAL Book Launch - 05
Sadly, we had to take off quite early to attend another event, so we missed the performances by both Jonah Haché and Ben Caplan. Having seen both these performers before I have no doubt that the show was great.

We wish Craig much success with "Three Sunrises" as it is very well deserved.
And hopefully - I'll be lucky enough to have this little gem stuffed in my Christmas stocking this year!



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