NEWS: Slim Twig Releases There's a Secret to Your Pleasure 7" on Calico Corporation

Toronto's eccentric pop craftsman Slim Twig has released the limited edition There's a Secret to Your
Pleasure 7" on Calico Corporation, a label he recently launched with Meghan Remy (U.S. Girls).   
Slim Twig - There's A Secret To Your Pleasure 7" (CCRP02)
There's A Secret To Your Pleasure is the first release featuring the newly minted Slim Twig band. Along with the b-side, "Pastiche," the single delivers psychedelic art-pop conjuring an alternate reality where the Mael brothers relocated to Germany to ghostwrite for Krautrock bands. The 7" is limited to 300 copies and includes a free download.
Calico Corporation
Calico Corporation is an artist-run publisher of art artifacts with an emphasis on distinctly idiosyncratic music. The MO of the Corp. is to produce unique articles, starkly designed. Calico Corp. aims to present a vision of culture free of the hype and corporatization of underground music.

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Slim Twig is a shape-shifting performer and song-sculptor based in Toronto. His artistic vision is born from a twisted landscape of pop and experimental music, pulp literature and movie magic. His first EP’s -- 2008′s Derelict DialectVernacular Violence -- introduced a wildly diverse persona. Derelict Dialect's noirish dramatics morphed unexpectedly into the self-coined ‘concrete rockabilly’ of Vernacular Violence which in turn set the stage (somewhat) for his 2009 full length debut, Contempt!
A self-made exercise in resourcefulness, Contempt! violently collided a snatch-sampling aesthetic gleaned from the RZA with the aforementioned concrete rockabilly heathen persona to create an aggressively innovative pop sound that baffled many, while rewarding the adventurous. Think of it as ‘Elvis lost in the 36 chambers,’ fighting through lyrics that evoke dark, fragmented images and depraved characters.
Throughout this time, Slim has released free mixtapes online composed of collaborations, remixes and original material culminating with the 2010 album, A Sheik In Scores. Unconventionally released as a free download and limited art-cassette, the album works as a summation of the sample-based work started with Contempt!, upping the conceptual ante by restricting the sample sources to film scores and music from movies.
2011 presents another left turn with a new distinctly produced art pop sound composed entirely of live instruments. All of Slim’s music to this point has been self-produced. Having honed a distinctive sound, he is now in the midst of extending the service to others, notably a collaboration with U.S. Girls employing Slim as co-producer and engineer.
For the cinephiles, Slim can be seen as a moonlighting actor playing Billy Zero in Bruce McDonald’s Tracey Fragments, and as juvenile prisoner Max in Kim Chaperon’s Dog Pound. Most recently, Slim starred in and scored Sight Unseen, a collaboration with his filmmaker parents.


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