Album Review: Lady and the Beards – "Water, Soil, Air, It"


IT’S A ROCK OPERA! No its not. It’s an odd sounding country tribal crossover with a little bit of indie rock. Uplifting beats? Profanity filled call-and-response sections? Undecipherable melodic chants that are most likely dirty jokes? Check!

We’ve got ourselves a little 3-piece punk/folk/acoustic group of hooligans who enjoy making some noise! Consisting of Nicole Lefebvre on Djembe (How many djembe players are there in Nova Scotia? Is this a fad now?) and backing vocals, Christopher Howse on guitar and lead vocals, Kirk Jordan on washboard and backing vocals. Additional guitar played courtesy of Darren Howse.

In all honesty it took me a couple listens to get into this album, between the lack of production quality and the clashing sound of the vocals it was a bit tough. However that being said as I am one of most immature people on the planet I couldn’t help but get into some chuckle filled jams like ‘This Is My House, Bitch’ and ‘Paper Jam’, on the flip side L&tB have released 2 more… emotional songs ‘Enough With the Rain’ and ‘All Sparks’.

Well the lyrics might not be the most introspective and well thought out, and the production quality isn’t industry standard this album is definitely worth a listen or two. Even if you can’t dig the djembe groove everyone can rock some potty humor. Pick it up!

Lady and the Beards – Water, Soil, Air, It gets a dirty 2.5 strums out of 5.


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