Show Overview: Oh No Theodore, Hey Baby and Mike Bochoff @ Gus' Pub

Overview by Isaac Thompson
Photo & Video by Tiffany Naugler

Sunday, November 13, 2011
@ Gus' Pub

Oh No Theodore!

Hey Baby

Mike Bochoff

Oh No Theodore brought their “orchestral indie rock” back to Halifax and Gus’ Pub this past Sunday and we couldn’t pass up the chance. They are one of the best young emerging east coast bands, but more about that later.

Mike Bochoff opened the show with a simple one-man set. Armed with only his voice and an electric guitar, Bochoff played a very long (perhaps a little too long for an opening act) set. His rock influenced troubadour style would have greatly benefited from a band to fill it out a little more. Not that it was bad, but the guitar playing wasn’t unique enough to carry the songs without reinforcement from a beat and a bass line. That said, his songs were catchy and his voice fit the style he played very well.
Mike Bochoff @ Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 02Mike Bochoff @ Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 01

Hey Baby came up next and their set, although entertaining, was a bit of a train wreck. The lead singer- who is also the frantic and highly entertaining bass player of Johnny Dick Project - was very drunk. I know this because his banter consisted of “I’m fucking drunk”. His guitar was way out of tune and he kept telling the audience he didn’t know how to tune it. This led to him abandoning his guitar altogether. It also led to me coining a sweet new musician joke.

Q: What kind of guitarist doesn’t know how to tune a guitar?
A: A bassist.

*ahh! burn!*
Hey Baby @ Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 01Hey Baby @ Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 02

Anyway, maybe it was because the lead singer was drunk - maybe not - but Hey Baby sounded to me like a good band that hasn’t yet emerged from its cocoon. A few more practices and a few less drinks might help. They had the passion and intensity I enjoy in live music but I can’t say I recommend Hey Baby yet.

Oh No, Theodore are always fantastic. Sunday night’s set was as intense, passionate and enjoyable as I’ve seen them. They seem to be able to weave magic no matter where they play or under what circumstances. To me, it was an underwhelming evening until Oh No, Theodore hit the stage.

They play with precision and skill but maintain a raw looseness. The songs are epic, dark, uplifting, inspiring and any other adjective people use to describe great art. With Cello, Violin, drums, guitar, bass and vocals, the band weaves a sound so full of texture and beauty it is astounding. I can’t recommend them enough, but I’ll keep doing it until you go see them.
Oh No Theodore! Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 06
Oh No Theodore! Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 03Oh No Theodore! Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 04

Oh No Theodore! Gus' Pub Nov. 13th 2011 - 05


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