Show Overview: Deadmau5 LIVE @ The Metropolis

Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 08
Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour
Montreal Canada
September 29th 2011 @ The Metropolis

Photos/Videos & Overview by Tiffany Naugler

This was one of those trips, I actually couldn't believe I was making.
I had only been into Deadmau5 for a few month, when randomly, while sitting in a coffee shop, updating this very site, that a friend popped in and mentioned he was driving up to Montreal to see Deamau5 live.
I jokingly asked if i could come with him - and 3 weeks later, I was jammed into a car with 4 dudes, no money and a million cans of Red Bull, on my way to good ole Montreal.
3Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 03
I had furfilled my part of the trip, and found us the best hotel int he world to stay at for this show - Hotel Villa, which actually shares a wall with The Metropolis. This place is seedy as hell, down to the plastic on the mattresses, the toilets which aren't bolted to the floor and the amazingly huge windows with no screens in them. But I LOVED it! There were 5 of us crammed into a very small room with 2 double beds and an airmatress, which normally would have sucked, but considering it was pouring a sea out the night of the concert and we didn't have to worry about being in the line up soaking wet - it was worth it. Hell, we didn't even have to wait in line to use the venue washrooms, we just came back to the room! ha!

Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 01Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 07

Anyway - I would have to say that Deadmau5 wins the prize for the most epic show I have ever seen.
Not the most epic I have ever heard - but DEFINITELY seen! I don't think i have ever seen that much work go into a light show.
There were times when I completely forgot to take any photos because I was so taken by the visuals to bother digging the point and shoot out of my bag!
Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 02Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 04
Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 05Deadmau5 Meowington’s Hax Tour - Montreal - 06

My only complaint from the entire show was that it was nowhere near loud enough...
I'm not sure if that's just because my ears are trained to Halifax shows - which are always ear bleedingly loud, or if it honestly just wasn't that loud. I was hoping for the bass to really rumble my insides and well, it just never happened. I'm going to have to get myself a sound level meter to carry around with me - just to make sure I'm not actually going deaf.
I did manage to take 20 mins of video which helps me out trying to explain this show to you. If you are a regular of Noisography, you know that writing is not my strong suit, so I'll let the videos and photos do most of the talking here. You will probably notice there is a shit ton of shaking happening in the videos... I was having a good time, and well, sometimes forgot I was holding a video cam. I apologize. The fun can also be seen to the right... me- with my $15 Mau5 Ear Glow Stick Headband... worth every penny!

I would highly recommend going to see Deadmau5 if he is performing in your area. I am almost certain that even someone who is not a huge fan of electronic music would have at least some appreciation for what this guy does! He really knows how to entertain and work a crowd!


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