NEWS: Old Man Luedecke Releases "Sing All About It" Pay What You Want EP with Lake Of Stew, Heads North & Heads West

Get Sing All About It:

What Old Man Luedecke has to say about the experience working with Lake Of Stew...

Old Man Luedecke and Lake of Stew; what names! We were born to be together. I got a CD of Lake of Stew and after singing along a few dozen times started listening in to the voices and imagining who they were. The Mini Pops, Glee, pish, this was the group I was born to join. Like me they are kitchen sing-a-longs, potlucks. old time juggy string bands of the mythological present. Loose and easy as true love well begun. They dropped by my house in Nova Scotia for a visit like the Carter Family visiting Jimmie Rodgers. We ate and hung out and sang together. We've never played a gig and had never played together. I didn't even know all their names at first. On little more than a whim we went to the Old Confidence Lodge studio in downtown Riverport and put these songs together with a bit of joy and hard work. Magic! Sing all about it! Share it with your friends. That's what this is for. OML

Old Man Luedecke tour dates:

11.23.11 - Montreal - Petit Campus - w/ Lake of Stew
11.24.11 - Wakefield - Blacksheep Inn - w/ Lake of Stew
11.25.11 - Iqaluit - Nakasuk School
11.29.11 - Rankin Inlet - Rankin Community Hall
12.01.11 - Yellowknife - Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
12.02.11 - Edmonton - Royal Alberta Museum
12.19.11 - Halifax - The Carleton


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