NEWS: Mike Trask Releases Ballsy Lo-Tech Roots Record

Let's get back to basics - one man, one instrument, one microphone. The clutches of the digital age have grabbed hold of the music industry with an overdose of sampled music and computer generated sounds, making it next to impossible for artists to avoid its grip. On November 27th 2011, Mike Trask will shock The Company House, and all who attend his CD release, exemplifying how "the basics" create a sound of warmth and simplicity that is unmatched by todays sterile digital world.

Mikes latest album "Jamboree," produced by Garrett Mason, has recieved nothing but praise thus far. Trask explains "I was worried about fans not responding well to the change of pace I've taken musically. Lucky for me I've performed the material alot over the past few months and sold early copies of the record. The repsonse has been great!"

Mikes vision for "Jamboree" was created with simplicity in mind. Growing up in a humble Canadian fishing family, his melodic songs with basic chord structures accompanied by a stripped down fingerstyle technique lay a perfect soundscape for down to earth and honest stories of family, love and friends. Helped by a chosen few, Mike surrounded himself with some of the most talented names in local industry who shared his vision. Three Juno award winners, Jim Henman, Garrett Mason, and Charles Austin of Echo Chambers Recording Studio, partnered with Mike as co-writer, producer, and sound engineer, respectivly. The recording sessions were done in the livingroom of Mikes seventy year old apartment. In three days, using a 1958 Phillips Reel to Reel the dedicated crew managed to fill 6 reels of tape to complete the album. However, it is impossible to take on a project of this magnitude without taking all aspects into consideration. Once he had the sound, Mike cut no corners in keeping the rootsy and artistic vision intact by designing and handmaking all the CD jackets himself.

"Jamboree" as a whole, is a musical deviation from the path Mike was taking three years ago when he was heard daily on mainstream rock radio throughout the maritimes. However with this project Mike set out to better represent himself as an artist and a man. For more information on Mike Trask as an artist and details on "Jamboree," you can visit his website at After that, make sure to mark November 27th on your calender to join Mike as he brings back the humble simplicity and innovation that music once was.

I complimented Mike on not only his talent but his dedication to this project. His answer made me giggle: "The project has been labor intensive, but worth it! My dad taught me growing up, that you can't count your hours, you just count your success!"


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