Album Review: Writer's Strike - "Stay Down"

by Josh "pinky" Pothier
Writers’ Strike’s new three song EP Stay Down gives me great joy. It’s the perfect example of a band that has long been a live favorite of the city of Halifax really reaching their ultimate potential in the studio. The songs are catchy enough to stick in your head, the lyrics are intelligent enough to warrant repeat listens, and the guitars are just dirty enough that nothing sounds glossy, it’s honest and rough but exciting at the same time.

One thing I love about Writer’s Strike is that they are a band in the way Sloan was a band, which means everybody writes songs and trades up lead vocal/backup duty. Being able to manage the input of multiple songwriters must be a job in itself, but every song - no matter who writes it - maintains a quality that is inherently unique to this band. No matter what the process is, the end result is something wonderful and rare to find in many bands today. This EP gives a solid taste of everything they have to offer, and now I want seconds.


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