Album Review: Winter Coats – A Black Cloud Between You and the Sun

by GDK

Can’t say I’ve heard too many “noise-rock” albums that have been anything more than… well just noise. Winter Coats however craft those chaotic “interferences” and other sounds we consider “distasteful” into a very well-orchestrated and melodic 12-piece movement.

What Garcia (guitar, bass, keys, pedals, and noise) and Le Noir (drums, percussion, and sounds) create when they come together can only be called a beautiful oddity. Winter Coats successfully go from passages of complete silence into thunderous and chaotic disasters then and back to into a melodic minimalist sound. When listening to this album one cannot help but get lost in an ambient adventure of psychology and space.

While I played through this album I could not help but think of the steampunk and dystopian styles of art and landscape (think Tank Girl and A Clockwork Orange), I’m not sure if Winter Coats intended to force a listener into a dream state of consciousness or not, but if they did then they did an amazing job. Progressing through the hour long journey of my twisted psyche I found that this album flows incredibly well, almost as if it was planned to (I also saw Paul Rudd dressed up as a John Lennon of the Beatles asking me if I’d like some more LSD).

If you can dig some serious arrangement and some ambient chaos then this is definitely your album, it’s like LSD… on acid!

Winter Coats – A Black Cloud Between You and the Sun gets a experimental 4 strums out of 5!


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