Album Review: Sapraemia – Demogod I: Fuckernaut vs Lobotamy 2099

by Mark Laffin

First off, don’t be fooled by the epic inspired title. This demo from new experimental grindcore project Sapraemia boasts a whole minute and 19 seconds of music. No, I’m not kidding. So, what can one say to critique such a small piece of work? Well, the title at least gives hint that this is some kind of teaser of sorts, suggesting that there is a much larger work waiting on the wings. If this small suite of sound bites is a reliable representation of what we can expect in the future from this “band”, I have to admit that I’m a little afraid. I mean that as a complement, by the way.

To clarify, I used quotes on the word “band” because this venture is a solo outing from a guy named Andrew Sanford, who has also worked with local metal bands Built For Sin and Ear To Ear. Upon listening to these 2 short tracks, I can easily see why such a musical endeavor would have the guy needing to step outside his band dynamic and work on his own. This is very dark and sinister sounding stuff, which reminds me somewhat of noise-grind band Today Is the Day. Also, I’d like to add that it’s a little scary.

Although borderline atonal and with little song structure to speak of, this recording is very effective in creating a very bleak and unsettling atmosphere. If the purpose of creating music is for the sake of art, and if the purpose of art is to stir emotion and make one feel something, than this short EP comes out winning. There is nary a single hook, groove or decipherable lyric to sing along to, but I have to say is triumphantly successful in terrifying the crap out of me. It reminds me of a very short teaser trailer for a really scary movie. Although it’s hard to tell from the lyrical narrative which of Fuckernaut or Lobotamy wins in this titular battle, if the purpose of this ridiculously short collection of “songs” is to generate nervous excitement for what is to come, then I would consider this effort a success.


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