Album Review: Kill Matilda – I Want Revenge (PLUS: Album Giveaway!)


There are some odd combinations in today’s world; spaghetti and chicken balls, lamb and tuna fish, and now zombie hunters that are also musicians. Kill Matilda is definitely an interesting group of cannuks, consisting of Dusty Exner (vocals/guitar), Mykel Exner (bass), Dave Roberts (guitar), and Markus Luk (drums).

My first question was am I the only one who can hear the Danzig influence? I Want Revenge screams that unique rock vs. punk sound that Danzig made famous. What sounds like a focused teenaged angst is actually a rage fueled surf punk orchestra. While no instrument stand particularly higher than the others they all come together in an angry and somewhat gothic sounding unison.

Going through the tracks I found 3 that stood out while the others blended together; ‘Pomegranate’, ‘Geisha with a Switchblade’, and ‘The People Vs.’. While ‘Pomegranate’ starts with a southern vibe that quickly heads into a mellow upbeat and solo filled rocker ‘Geisha with a Switchblade’ is more of a slow punk anthem. Keeping with the surf rock/surf punk vibe that Kill Matilda has going on they’ve crafted this generations’ ‘Rock Lobster’.

If you dig some larger than life punk then go and snatch this album up.

Kill Matilda – I Want Revenge surfs its way to 3.5 strums out of 5.

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