Tiffanys HPX Band Guide 2011 - Part 2

Here we are, for a look at Wednesdays HPX artists.
This is where shit starts to get real - the closer to the weekend you get, the more bands and the more venues are available to you.

Wednesday boast 29 bands in 9 venues!!
and thats just one day!

You will most likely find me at Gus on Wednesday for the awesome indie dance party that is sure to get right ridiculous, with Windome Earl, Gigas, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! and Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble).

The Weekend Dads

Cold Warps

DJ T-Woo

Latest tracks by t-woo

The Extremities

Jesse Dangerously


Rich Aucoin


Quaker Parents


The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Molly Thomason

Cailean Lewis

Gabrielle Papillon

Kite Hill

Latest tracks by Kite Hill

The Town Heroes

Hind Legs

These Electric Lives

Sandman Viper Command



Windom Earle

Born Gold
Latest tracks by Born Gold

Sheer Agony



Cousins - Secret Weapon from vince vining on Vimeo.

Thee Oh Sees


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