Pigeon Row Select Series presents: Bad Vibrations' Black Train

Well, here we are with the first edition of our Select Series. This is a quarterly initiative where the Pigeon Row team (Trevor, Darcy, and myself) will help spread the word about amazing albums we've heard over the past few months. Whether it's weird jazz, whispered folk, or screaming noise...it'll all be incredible music that we are excited to share with you.

We're thrilled to be able to bring you Bad Vibrations' Black Train (Brotherhood Records) as the first installment in the series. Made up of KC Spidle (The Hold, x-Dog Day, Husband & Knife), Evan Cardwell (Double Vision Quest), and Meg Yoshida, the band channels My War-era Black Flag, Eric's Trip, The Ramones and Motorhead all into a dark cloud of fuzz and primal rhythms.

- Matt Charlton

What Now? Bad Vibrations from heather rappard on Vimeo.

About Bad Vibrations:

In a cold, toxic dungeon during the beginning of summer, these three mates created an explorative yet compact collection of darkrock hits. While embracing the alien life, losing touch (many times over), creeping through smoke and poisoned thought, Black Train, the first full length LP by Halifax's Bad Vibrations, finally emerged from the underworld.

A sonically warmer and heavier journey than previous releases, Black Train sees this power trio further meld the machismo of old school hardcore with the psychedelia and tender caress of the late 60's—sweetly menacing harmonies that soar over evil riffs, solos that leap out then wander back into the fog, and bass and drums that threaten never to stop. Vinyl limited to only 300 copies.

Upcoming tour dates:

Oct. 22 - Hamilton, ON - Homegrown
Oct. 23 St. - Catharines, ON - Merchant Ale House
Oct. 25 - Kitchener, ON - Cafe Pyrus
Oct. 26 - London, ON - Alex P Keaton
Oct. 28 - Ottawa, ON - The Babylon
Oct. 29 - Montreal, PQ - Death House
Oct. 30 - Quebec, PQ - P572 aka Sam's


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