NEWS: HPX & Lost & Found Store present an Electric Voice Showcase - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW

Due to limited capacity and special reserve for attendees w/ HPX wristbands - tickets are available for this event at Lost & Found (2383 Agricola St.)

doors/show 5:30/6:00pm
tickets/cover $6/$8

Visual Art installations by Heather Rappard

6:00 Transfixed (Electric Voice/Divorce Records)

Can Transfixed be trusted? Often rumored to work with unnamed collaborators, they are seldom seen in the public realm without being flanked by phalanx of technological terrors. Did they sell their souls to the machine god; or are they fighting for their vestiges of humanity? These questions are abstracted by our surreal and harsh reality. What we do know is that Transfixed is a group formed out of necessity - they hope you will join them in the voyage beyond their own minds, exploring the waning war between man kind and technology.

6:45 Cat Bag (Electric Voice/Claire Dragon)

Cat Bag plays industrial lounge shapes.

7:30 Rape Faction (Electric Voice/Skrot Up/FLA tapes & records/Campaign for Infinity)

We all go through changes, from one beautiful dream to another - Rape Faction won't hurt you - unless you want them too. They belong to the lush and luxurious paradise that is fabricated by their own, Notre-Dame-du-Grace; of the romantic Montreal, QC. It is a sonic-ly balanced force that could charm or abraide, transcend or degrade. Rape Faction will polarize you.


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