HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20th 2011 - TIFFANY

The Seahorse Tavern/ Reflections Cabaret / Gus' Pub
HPX 2011
We Were Lovers - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 04

Jenocide - http://ilovejenocide.com/
We Were Lovers - http://www.wewerelovers.com/
Bonjay - http://www.bonjay.net/
JEFF The Brotherhood - http://www.facebook.com/jeffthebrotherhood
UNEXPECT - http://www.unexpect.com/

This night had disaster written all over it at the start...
I have not seen rain like that in a long time - sideways rain, never good.
I was not looking forward to getting off work and walking around downtown for the rest of the night looking and feeling like a drown rat. It was grim...but HPX came to the rescue and the rain outside was nothing but a bump in the road.

I arrived at the Seahorse, just as Jenocide hit the stage.
Trippy vocals, a micro korg and a DJ... sure to be a hit! Everyone was dancing and having a great time. It was like a little party rather than a show at this point, which was kind of nice.
Jenocide - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 03

Jenocide did seem to lack in the "performance" part of the set, for me. DJ James Reid did his part, as he was concentrating on spinning some sweet tunes, but Jen just kind of walked back and forth and jumped up and down a bit. Even the walk out into the crowd was a little - less than dramatic.
It was kind of a weird feeling, the music was driving you to dance and be crazy, while the vocals and stage antics sometimes felt like they were happening in slow motion.
Jenocide - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 07
Jenocide - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 05Jenocide - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 08

My favorite part of the set was when Jen sported an awesome kitty mask - full with realistic whiskers! It brought some interest visually to the band on stage. Maybe that's what Jenocide needs to bump it up a notch... more costume changes!

Next up was We Were Lovers,I was kind of on the fence with these guys.
The drummer was amazing! That's one thing I'm sure of. I always like seeing real drummers able to keep a beat as solid as a drum machine. Any sort of dance music made with real guitars and drums is fine by me.

Seeing as many electro dancy shows as I have this week (I totally inadvertently signed up to cover almost all of the dancy shows) I was kind fo getting a tad bored, so I met up with Dan at Reflections to check out some of Jeff The Brotherhood.
I hung out long enough to enjoy one tasty cheap drink and see Jeff The Brotherhood guitarist leap into the crowd with his...umm, awesome clear guitar, and crowd surf while still playing! Totally worth it!!
See Dan's post above for more on that show...
Jeff The Brotherhood - HPX Day#3: Thurs Oct 20th 2011 - 09
Next Dan and I headed back out to see Bonjay.
Now, i had heard some of these guys recording and thought they were pretty great...
and their live performance was no difference.
Bonjay - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 03
Bonjay - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 05Bonjay - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 04

This is a sexy duo... sex-y!
The beats are sexy, the vocals are sexy, the dancing is sexy... sexy.
Did i mention sexy?
Seriously, singer Alanna Stuart was definitely making love to the audience, with her eyes as she belted out tune after tune.
I loved this band and would go to see them again in a heartbeat.
Bonjay - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 06

After we left the Seahorse, we trudged our way up the hill and headed to Gus' Pub to catch UNEXPECT. Unexpect indeed! I have seen TONS of metal bands in Gus' and never have I seen anything like that! WOW!!
With 6 members, including violin, a 9 stringed monster of a bass, and a female vocalist with a mass of amazing black hair - it was a sight to be seen & heard!!
It was the perfect way to end Pop Explosion night #4!

Check out Dan's post above for more details on UNEXPECT.
Unexpect - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 05
Unexpect - HPX Day#3: Thursday Oct 20h 2011 - 01


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