Album Review: Dovie Beams Love Child "DBLC2" (2009)

by Josh "pinky" Pothier
Armed with a terrible band name, Dovie Beams Love Child set out to make instrumental music that would be best listened to while going to sleep, that way you can be unconscious for most of it and you won’t realize how fucking boring it is.

If I wanted to listen to a guy lightly pluck and strum away at an acoustic guitar all day I would just sit in the park and wait for the hippies to show up. Instrumental music needs themes, structure, and melody to be interesting. This sounds like a guy slowly warming up to actually play the guitar going over scales and chord progressions over and over again.

Instead of relaxing me and putting me into a lull, which I think is the intention; this record is actually really pissing me off. I’m four songs in and it all sounds the same. Here’s a lesson. Adding reverb and feedback to you’re shitty little guitar parts don’t make them any more interesting, and playing the same part over and over with nothing building or any discernable ideas coming out of it doesn’t set a tone or a mood, it’s just annoying.

This album is the musical equivalent of the fireplace channel, except it doesn’t even serve a purpose. Not even once a year.


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