Show Overview:The Bad Bad Bad/City Streets/Hind Legs/Noise Hounds/Scoop Outs @ Jacobs

Overview/Photos & Videos by Kyle Hodder

Friday August 12th 2011
@ Jacob's Lounge, Dartmouth NS

The City Streets (Montreal, QC) - CD Release

The Bad Bad Bad - Tour Kick-Off

Noise Hounds (Sackville, NB)

Hind Legs

The Scoop Outs

I arrived at 10pm. The show was in the basement of Jacobs Lounge, a red lit room with a hint of BO in the air, unless they serve food there. I’m not sure. It boasts a stylish one bathroom for everyone which features one toilet at the top of some steps.

The Scoop Outs kicked the night off, a local three piece punk influenced group. Lots of people were singing to their songs. One guitarist was also designated the resident sound guy for the evening.

A fem fronted group called Hind Legs played next, let me first mention I adore Grunge so this was a treat. The singer mentioned it was the drummers’ last show.

Noise Hounds: Our first 2 piece band of night although not by choice if I heard correctly. I think they mentioned the bassist couldn't make it. These guys sounded great. I'm glad someone else wears sleeveless shirts in public besides me.

The City Streets paid us a visit from Montreal and showcased their skills in popular rock.

The Bad Bad Bad is a Halifax noise rock duo who are on their eastern Canada Disas-Tour with Jacobs being stop one. These guys were great and reminded me a little of Death from Above 1979 with more distortion maybe? They are swinging back through on the end of the tour so I’d like to check them out again. I picked up a tape and poster for 10 bucks. Time to brush the dust off the old Sanyo dual cassette player or take a ride in an old car, I haven’t decided yet.


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