Show Overview: Abriosis (BC), Issfenn (QC), Molt (QC) and Cottus (NS)

Photos & Overview by Satan Béland

Saturday, August 13th 2011
@ Gus' Pub

Abriosis -
Issfenn -
Cottus -
Molt -

Gus’ Pub on Agricola is amazing; it’s a venue, a casino, a bar and a hangout. It has a relatively small capacity, but attracts some loud, LOUD bands. I’ve actually seen more metal at Gus’ then I’ve seen anywhere else. Which explains why when BC Death Metal titans Abriosis came to town, Gus’ was the venue that was booked. With supporting acts Molt, Cottus, and Issfenn, the show proved to be wonderfully interesting.

First up was Molt, a duo from La Belle Province playing some super technical metal. Molt played 2 songs, and featured live vocals, bass, and guitar which were playing along to a pre-recorded drum track. I hate to speak ill of any band, because it’s hard to get on stage, especially with nontraditional set-up like the one Molt had going, but they were just trying to do waaaay toomuch. You could definitely hear what they were trying to do, and every now and again they’d lock in and make things happen, but too often they were disorganized and missed key passages and moments in their songs. If Molt simplifies their sound, gets a live drummer and gets a bit more technically sound, they could be a nice addition to Quebec’s metal scene.

Molt @ Gus'

Next up were Cottus, Halifax’s own death metal giants. These guys laid down some disgusting riffs and both the vocalist and the guitar players had some serious death metal screams. The crowd at Gus’ responded by getting up close and personal with the stage, egging the band on to a huge energetic peak. The band blasted through their set with tight, aggressive guitar work, big bass and ridiculous drums. The crowd wanted more, but the show must go on.

Cottus @ Gus'
Cottus @ Gus'Cottus @ Gus'

Issfenn took to the stage next, and, surprisingly, used a similar two-piece set-up as Molt. In their case, Issfenn had live guitars, vocals and bass, and there was some member sharing between the two bands; the bass player from Molt switched to drums for the Issfenn set. Unfotunately for Issfenn, they were plagued by the same “too much, too fast” issues that Molt had; though the vocalist/guitar player definitely had his shit together, laying down some pretty awesome riffs and letting out a mean black metal growl.

Issfenn @ Gus'Issfenn @ Gus'
Issfenn @ Gus'

And then, with the crowd dwindling at 1am in the morning, Abriosis took to the stage. There’s just something different about musicians who know that they fucking rule; a certain quiet confidence that makes you stop and think “whoa, these guys are pretty fucking serious about what they do.” The pure own-age that Abriosis laid down on the remaining patrons at Gus’ was terrifying. These guys were tight, on their game and were not messing around. The drums were monstrous, sending percussive double bass sprawling through the room, knocking the wind outta your chest. The bass, all 6 strings of it, was foolishly technical and yet still somehow held down the lowest of lows. The guitar was sick and, because of the technicality of the bass, could explore some pretty crazy solo territory. And vocals, dear lord, the vocals. I haven’t seen a front-man this…possessed since Randy Blythe and Lamb of God played Halifax two years ago. Despite the small crowd, small venue, and small stage, Kris McDermott got pretty god damn real. Stomping, jumping, and wildly gesticulating, McDermott was the visual focal point of the band, drawing the crowd closer, but still making space for himself. All in all Abriosis rocked the pale hell out of Gus’, and it was just too bad that the crowd didn’t stick around.

Abriosis @ Gus'


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