NEWS: new Arbutus Records band TOPS release their first single TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND

Based in Montreal, TOPS make melodic soft rock. With their intricate guitar figures, gauzy synth pads and deceptively complex arrangements, TOPS recall bygone decades of pop (Heart, Romeo Void...) while still forming a sound that is firmly contemporary. Led by Jane Penny’s lilting vocals and David Carriere’s guitar work and studio wizardry, TOPS harnesses a lyrical impulse towards the romantic with inimitable pop songcraft.

Arbutus is proud to premiere Turn Your Love Around. The song recalls the classic pop warmth of Fleetwood Mac and guitar work of Dire Straits - yet offers a constant interplay of all sounds. It's as if an idea which originates in the vocals is quickly spun through the rest of the band, intricately reflected before it repeats itself. Chordal repetitions and stuttering mimics the effort of the lover girl trying to transform her play. This kind of unpredictability culminates in the ending, a double-time and controlled release of this frustration. It reminds me of drinking whiskey on a warm afternoon in the city, thinking about all the things you want to do that day.

Click here to download TOPS' Turn Your Love Around


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