NEWS: Henry Adam Svec presents Folk Songs of Canada Now featuring Laura Barrett, Al Tuck, Chris Eaton, and Mathias Kom

Henry Adam Svec (The CFL Sessions, The Boy from ET) presents Folk Songs of Canada Now (Label Fantastic), an expansive performance art, song collecting project. Featuring contributions from artists such as Laura Barrett, Al Tuck, Chris Eaton, Andrew Penner, and Mathias Kom, the album sees Svec retrace the steps of renowned Canadian folklorist, Edith Fulton Fowke, to deliver rich look into Canada's folkways.

The complete collection is available for download from Folk Songs of Canada Now's comprehensive website:
Along with detailed introductory and explicatory notes, the site features this note from Svec, giving the following insight into the origins of the project:

"I was once a performance artist. But more pressing questions - both theoretical and practical ones - began to haunt me. What does it mean to be real? What comes after the annihilation of capitalism? How do we get there together? I wished no longer to only explore questions. I wished, suddenly, to answer them. So, I became a folklorist. There is probably much left for me to learn. But this archive is the fruit of my first song-collecting journey across Canada, and I have given it for you. In solidarity."

This unique exploration of roots of Canadian music is available now.


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