NEWS: extra happy ghost!!! Brings Modern Horses To Halifax

Saved By Radio artist from Calgary recently released the song “mercy, mercy” as second single from the Chad VanGaalen produced LP Modern Horses. Modern Horses came out July 26th and extra happy ghost!!! will be in Halifax for two shows to celebrate.

Extra Happy Ghost - So At One by killbeat music

extra happy ghost!!! tour dates:

August 31. Montreal, QC @ Casa del Popolo
Sept 01. Toronto, ON @ Tiger Bar
Sept 02. Toronto, ON @ The Tranzac
Sept 03. Ottawa, ON @ Raw Sugar
Sept 09. Halifax, NS @ Gus’s Pub
Sept 10. Halifax, NS @ The Khyber
Opening through the dark early moments of Mercy, Mercy, the uncontrived but anxiously tense pop songs of Modern Horses begin to reveal themselves – sparse; haunting; and mired in the humble themes of powerlessness, loss, and resigned isolation. These are dissonant songs joined together by a sound and sentiment. The album’s cohesive closing track and namesake, Modern Horses mediates on 9 horses that panicked and jumped off a Calgary bridge in 2005 while being corralled toward the city’s downtown. Amidst the dirge of tape hiss and feedback its chorus echoes, “Which ones have luck?”; questioning if choice can be anything but a small and helpless act; informed by the vast, immeasurable conditions beyond our control.

Modern Horses marks a shift for extra happy ghost!!!. This album was recorded entirely in a studio, relying heavily on the outside influence of VanGaalen’s production and engineering (previous releases consisted almost exclusively of Swann’s home recordings. Sonically and thematically cohesive, Modern Horses is nine songs, functioning as a whole and flowing seamlessly – an album that challenges and rewards the listener, revealing its depth with each repeated listen.


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