NEWS: Camp Radio Release 2nd Song From Upcoming LP "Campista Socialista", Offer Instant Download Of 3rd Song For All Pre-Orders

First One Hundred Copies Of Vinyl LP Include Bonus 7” Of 2 Unreleased Songs.

Kelp Records/Saved By Vinyl Artists from Ottawa led By Chris Page, offer up The Girl Who Stole My Motorbike as second single from upcoming LP Campista Socialista. Produced by Camp Radio’s Dave Draves (Kathleen Edwards, Snailhouse, Jim Bryson) the upcoming album is now available for pre-order and all pre-orders come with an instant download of the song Slack to further whet whistles. The first single Turn Up The Radio also appears on a limited edition flexy disc from Saved By Vinyl. Campista Socialista comes out on September 6th and the first 100 copies of the vinyl LP include a bonus 7" of 2 unreleased Camp Radio songs.

Camp Radio - The Girl Who Stole My Motorbike by killbeat music

Pre-Order Campista Socialista, Get Instant Download Of Slack MP3:

Supergroup is defined by Wikipedia as "a rarely used term in mathematics". The online encyclopedia also points out the term can refer to "a music group formed by artists who are already notable or respected in their fields".

If we do the math, Camp Radio certainly fits the bill.

Singer/guitarist Chris Page grew up in Glengarry, Ontario fronting the rural garage rock outfit The Stand GT. The young punks mounted seven national tours while releasing scads of 7-inches, LPs and CDs throughout the 90s. Chris later moved to Ottawa, playing solo as The Glen Nevous Retraction, before getting cozy with his own name in 2003. Kelp Records proudly released "Decide to Stay and Swim" that year and before long, Page itched for bandmates again. Old pals Dave Draves and Scott Terry answered the call.

Camp Radio was formed in early 2005.

Since 1994, Draves has operated Ottawa's 2-inch tape haven Little Bullhorn Prods, producing masterful works by artists such as the Wooden Stars, Julie Doiron, Gentleman Reg, Kathleen Edwards and Howe Gelb. Draves' name is synonymous with musicmaking in the Capital, and he is a pretty impressive bassist too. Taking cues from Jason Loewenstein's days in Sebadoh, Draves raw tone ignites all over Camp Radio records.

Camp Radio drummer tour de force Scott Terry is the busiest Ottawan in rock, splitting his time between the Fucking Machines, Flecton & the Dreamcatchers, the Banditas, Andrew Vincent & the Pirates, and others we’re probably missing. Last we heard, he was starting up at least two others. He is a tireless drummer, guitarist, and screecher, and brings a bundle of energy and beard hair to the Socialista!

Campista Socialista is the band's painfully long awaited follow up to 2006's brilliant album, simply titled 'Camp Radio'. Criminally under promoted, the few fans and critics who nabbed those initial copies, became instantly enthralled with the band's fresh take on their melodic, power pop craft. And they've all pined for more.

We're here to tell you Campista Socialista raises the bar.

Guitar driven power pop in spades (think melodic Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr) with an over abundance of rich vocal harmonies (think New Pornographers and REM), each song takes the listener in a different direction.

'Murder On My Skin', 'Turn Up The Radio' and 'The Girl Who Stole My Motorbike' are melodic rock and roll gems, masterfully sculpted to power pop perfection. Numbers like 'I've Got You Up My Sleeves' and 'Cosmic Fair' take the listener on slow burning journeys while 'I have Designs' and 'Slack' make solid nods to the traditional rave up rock and roll templates.

Ultimately each track blares, blends and bleeds making this record a truly exciting album to hear.

Grab this platter! Throw it on! Have

and roll Socialista.

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